Diabetes: We Care

A few years ago, Dr. Chen had the opportunity to share in the joys and sorrows of children afflicted with diabetes during an evening outing at a local summer camp.  At the meeting, there were many heartfelt interactions between these children, their families, and Dr. Chen.  What touched Dr. Chen the most, was when a small child, about 2-3 years old, who was diagnosed as type 1 diabetic, put her small hand in Dr. Chen’s hand and showed to Dr. Chen, the child’s painful daily experience to test her blood glucose.  It was while holding the small hand of this child in Dr. Chen’s palm, that Dr. Chen felt that this was a turning point in her life.  It was at that silent moment, that Dr. Chen realized her need to make a difference in the lives of these children, and for other patients with unmet needs. The image of this little girl was forever etched into Dr. Chen’s mind. It has become an everlasting source of strength to encourage ABS to move forward in haste to develop its revolutionary technologies and innovative medical devices for diabetes around the world.


Important Discovery

ABS team has developed a new type of superconductive/meminductive devices based on self-powered Flexible Fractional Toroidal Josephson Junctions (FFTJJ) used for sensing, memory storage and quantum computing under room temperature operation and without an external magnetic field applied, please see our peer-reviewed journal publication citations.  


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ABS has a chapter of Room-Temperature Self-Powered Nanostructure Organo-Metallic Superconductive Devices in the book of Nanoengineering, Quantum Science, and, Nanotechnology Handbook edited by Sergey Edward Lyshevski, CRC Press, ISBN Number: 978-0-367-19751-3 (Hardback).  Published on December 2, 2019.


ABS has a book chapter: Nanostructure Biomimetic Sensing and Energy Storage: Organic Memristor/Memcapacitors in Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Third Edition; Lyshevski, S. Ed.; Taylor and Francis: New York, 2017. Published online. January 18, 2017. DOI: 10.1081/E-ENN3-120054061.

Patents Award

A US Patent No. 9,443,665 was granted in the title of Nanobiomimetic supercapacitors with high rate high energy storage  and was issued on September 13, 2016 by the US Patent and Trademark Office. 

Another US Patent No. 9,534,999 was granted in the tile of A nanostructured biomimetic device for detecting a cancer cell or cancer cells and was issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office on January 3, 2017.

The US Patent Office issued a Notice of Allowance to the US patent application No.14/919, 606 on June 7, 2017.  The patent No. 9,793,503 was issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office on October 17, 2017.  

The US Patent and Trademark Office issued a new patent  US patent  No.10,441,169 in the title of Nanobiomimetic Memtransformer Apparatus and an Application in Energy-Sensory Images Thereto  on October 15, 2019.  

A new patent US 10/684,244 was issued by the USPTO in the title of Making of Organic Nanobiomimetic Memristor and Memcapacitors and its Applications in Dual Sensing of a Biomarker in Neurodegenerative Diseases Thereto, on June 16, 2020.

A new patent in the title of Organic Toroidal Array Apparatus of Making for Direct and Reagent-free Sensing of the Endotoxin Activities of a Single E. Coli Cell has been issued by the US Patent Office on June 22, 2021 with the patent number US 11/041,843.  

The USPTO issued a new patent in the title of “Josephson Toroidal Vortex Quantum Superconductive/Memcapacitive and Superconductive/Memristive Devices of Making and Their Applications at Room Temperature Thereto” on August 3, 2021, with the patent number US 11/079,354.

National Innovation

ABS received the TechConnect National Innovation Award for its Nanobiomimetic Reagent-free Sensing and Energy Storage platform technology on May 14, 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center, California, at the Techconnect World Conference.  Dr. E. Chen gave a presentation in DOD/Energy Innovation Spotlight Symposium at the conference.

ABS won TechConnect National Innovation Award for its Nanobiomimetic Reagent-free Sensing and Energy Storage platform technology, May 15, 2017 at Gaylord Convention Center, Techconnect World Conference www.techconnectworld.com.